Download + Install

Step #1

Scan the Code

  • Once you purchase MoveRx through the website, scan the code below with your mobile device and proceed to Step #2

Download MoveRx QR Code.png

Step #2

Sign In

  • Sign in using the service provider associated with the same email address you used to make your purchase

  • Important Note: Your email address will be your unique ID linked to your account and can not be changed. Also, you can not use the same email address for multiple accounts

MoveRx Sign-in 1.JPG

Access Denied?

Double Check Your Email Address

  • If you see this screen, make sure the email you are using to sign in matches the email you used to make your purchase

  • Please give us 24 hours to activate your account

  • If you are still unable to access the app after 24 hours or have additional questions please contact us at

MoveRx Sign-in 3.JPG

Step #3

Get Started!

  • Jump right into your program and start making progress toward your goals!

  • Don't forget to join the exclusive Facebook group to stay connected with the MoveRx community

  • Share with your friends to compete against them in the weekly "OT Challenge Workout"

MoveRx Sign-in 5.JPG