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Becky D.

"My quality of life is light-years from where it was. I can do so many things that I couldn’t have done if I had not started working out with Bryce a little over two years ago. I had never worked with a trainer, but I knew I was out of shape and had no idea how bad it was. I remember telling him, I’m not worried about my weight (155 lbs), I just want to be in better shape. Well needless to say, once I started losing the weight I started loving it. I’ve gone from a size 10 to a size 6! 

I can’t say enough good things about Bryce and how he motivated me and still does to always be better.  I’ve never felt self-conscious or intimidated. I’ve seen other trainers in action and I can’t imagine ever working with anyone other than Bryce.  He’s extremely knowledgeable and knows an incredible amount about working out, getting stronger and feeling good about it. He’s great at pep talks when I’m feeling like I’m not making as much progress as I’d like. He truly is at the top of his game and I feel blessed to have him lead me to a better place."

1-on-1 Virtual Client