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The Movement Specialists

Optimizing the Human Movement Experience

      Very few sports medicine doctors deeply understand both orthopedic injuries as related to movement patterns AND strength & conditioning principles required for return to high-level activity.  Patients often leave rehabilitation feeling less than 100%.  Fitness clients struggle to break performance plateaus due to prior or repeated injury.  Modern healthcare identifies these people as the "hurting healthy".  This is the biggest challenge for athletes of all levels in today's healthcare system, which focuses on addressing problems after the fact rather than preventative care that lets you live the active life you want. 

      The Movement Specialists, LLC was founded with the purpose of educating athletes and everyday people on how to move more efficiently in order to promote sustainable, pain-free growth based on their past medical history and unique body structure.  By combining sports medicine with movement-based strength and conditioning, we provide preventative health and wellness experiences that leave our clients feeling more confident about their long-term health and physical performance!      

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MoveRx Fitness App

MoveRx takes the guesswork out of proper fitness programming, reduces the risk of

overuse injuries and keeps you accountable through objective movement testing. 

Key features:

  • Regional movement screen + corrective exercises

  • Daily custom workouts  

  • Tracks workload ratios to prevent overtraining

  • Tracks personal bests in weightlifting, speed, and agility

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